On the way to Veracruz

I have an urge to write about my days in contemplation. The holiday season has only been a joy for me as a child. Now I understand the holidays as a time when our hectic Western society carves out a moment for family, albeit with staunch consumerism and pressure to be happy and joyous when the rest of the year we run around with little chance to breathe and take in the beauty of life.

Tomorrow I am off to Veracruz to spend la noche buena with my non-blood families. I will stay with my Tio and his family. My tio works close to London, Ontario and I have known him since the filming of El Contrato. Then there is Tano who claims that to him and his family I am the sister who returned to them after death.  Cecilia is like my adopted daughter who begs me not to leave every year when I visit. I will be able to see Alejandra who never again returned to Leamington and speaks of me to her co-workers in Canada’s East Coast. My work with migrant workers in the SAWP has been my life for the last 10 years. Many workers and their families are my own family now.

On the way to Tlaxcala on International Migrants Day, I checked my email at the CAPU to figure out where the event Jaime invited me to was going to be held.  I found an email from my mother telling me that my paternal grandmother passed away. Today was her funeral. My father and brother claim that they want me close. Fernando made me promise I would never go away for Christmas again. My mother on the other hand just wants to ensure that I will be by her death bed when her time comes.

I am on the way to Veracruz knowing that my grandfather and grandmother are together now. I cannot recall the last time I had a conversation with my grandmother Elba. She suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s for nearly 7 years.  They both lived in a nursing home in Brampton. My grandfather did not need to be there but his love for my grandmother compelled him to stay there with her  all those 2555 days that he would mark off with a red marker as each passed.  It is clear now that my grandmother could sense the most important, the presence of her loved ones and the absence of the man who  loved her so dearly until his very last breath.

I take my family, ancestors and spiritual DNA with me wherever I go. These are the foundation of my being and enables me to to all that I do. I may not be in Brampton right now but for some reason I was drawn to these lands, again, at this moment. Yesterday I marked the winter solstice in the pyramid in Cholula. I went to Tlaxcala to indigenous communities close to La Malinche and Apizaco. I came here to give of myself and to re-connect to the passion of my work, my life, my spirit…

May love and peace reign in our hearts, body and spirit in all seasons…


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