Centro de Apoyo al Trabajador, Puebla attacked

On Friday night we received lamentable news from our compañeros in Puebla that they were attacked by CROM thugs in a community in Tlaxcala. Enrique and Coral were beaten and threatened as El Centro de Apoyo is on the last stretch of organizing auto parts workers from a transnational corporation into a more autonomous worker-led union.

El Centro de Apoyo has been my institutional home in Mexico for the last 4 years. My heart goes out to all my compas, including the co-ordinator, Blanca Velazquez Diaz who has been one of my pillars in my organizing work and life in Mexico.

This Friday I will be attending a community meeting about human rights abuses in Mexico. After all our work is transnational human rights work.

Compas stay strong…!

I will try my best to put myself together as I hold you all in my heart, here in the distance…

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