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Subject: [g8/g20mobilization] Another update re: Alex Hundert

[Please note this release is regarding G20 defendant Alex Hundert but was not written by, for, or on behalf of Alex Hundert, as per his egregious and unjust bail conditions to not express any political views and no indirect posting to the internet.]

Dear Friends and Community,

As many of you know Alex Hundert was arrested on October 23, 2010. He has been charged with attempt to intimidate a member of the judicial system. We know that this is another attempt to incarcerate Alex, instil fear into our communities, and to continue to repress those that speak out against injustice, oppression, and colonization.

The support Alex has received has been inspiring. He is aware of the resources he is drawing on from friends, family, and the activist community, and hopes that a balance can be found, and work on Indigenous sovereignty and land  defence, as well as migrant, economic, and environmental justice can continue.

Alex’s legal proceedings are complex to say the least. What we know is that, he will continue to be incarcerated for at least the next several weeks.

Here are some ideas on how to continue to support Alex, and all G20 defendants.

1. Continue to organize on local issues, and remain committed to them.

2. Continue to support other G20 activists that are in prison, including Indigenous Sovereigntist Ryan Rainville who has a court date October 26, 10am. 361 University Avenue.

3. Write him a letter. Please note, that his current non association conditions mean that if you are reasonably assumed to be a member, or could be thought of as a member of SOAR, AW@L, or No One Is Illegal, you cannot write him a letter.

Alex Hundert
c/o Toronto West Detention Centre
111 Disco Rd
PO Box 4950
Rexdale ON M9W5L6

4. Donate and encourage others to donate to the G20 legal defence fund.

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