Decolonizing Knowledge and Power: Postcolonial Studies, Decolonial Horizons Summer School

Theme: Decolonizing Knowledge and Power: Postcolonial Studies, Decolonial Horizons Summer School

Center of Study and Investigation for Global Dialogues
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
Date: 7.-21.July.2011
Applications due: 1.February.2011
Course web site:

The international Summer School, ‘Decolonizing Knowledge and Power,’  is an undertaking that aims at enlarging the scope of the conversation (analysis and investigation) of the hidden agenda of modernity (that is, coloniality) in the sphere of knowledge and higher education. This course is offered through the Center of Study and Investigation for Global Dialogues, in Barcelona, Spain, in collaboration with the Ethnic Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley. The seminar will be held at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra. The basic questions are:

– Who produces and transmits knowledge and understanding?
– What institutions support the production of hegemonic knowledge and understanding and why are knowledge and understandings that lack support from such institutions not validated as institutional knowledge and understanding?
– How do we think about the relation between culture and political-economy in complex non-reductive ways?
– What is coloniality of being and how to think about decolonization of being?
– What is the cartography of power of the modern/colonial Capitalist/Patriarchal World-system and how to re-conceptualize the struggles to decolonize and transcend it?


1. Historical understanding of the correlations between knowledge and coloniality in the sphere of economy (labor, natural resources), authority (government, international relations), gender and sexuality (patriarchy, heterosexual normativity), and subjectivity (the ideology of truth, the figure of the expert, identity formation, the role of the media bringing together dominant philosophy of knowledge in the formations of subjectivity).

2. Conceptual understanding through a set of key words already well established in the postcolonial studies and decolonial thinking.

3. Prospective orientation: seminar instructors will encourage participants in formulating their own critical questions, designing research projects decolonizing knowledge and methodology, working on a philosophy of education geared toward decolonizing the mind.

Who Should Apply

The seminar is open to advanced undergraduate, graduate students, post-doctoral candidates, junior faculty, professionals with MA, teachers, etc. The seminar will be limited to 30 registered participants. Preference will be given to students based on the following criteria:

– Undergraduate and graduate students in any discipline (social sciences and the humanities, professional schools (preferably law, bio-technology, business schools), interested in decolonizing knowledge and understanding in their own disciplines;
– Post-doctoral candidates already engaged or wanting to engage in decolonizing knowledge;
– Junior Faculty from all over the world;
– Professionals with MA degrees already working or interested in working in education, government institutions, NGOs, corporations;
– High school and university teachers.

Deadline for Applications
February 1st, 2011

For further inquiries and information, please send e-mail to:

Course website:

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