Guerrillas of Grace: Prayers for the Battle-Ted Loder

Sent to me with love and light from one of my dear soulmates…

Lord, grant me your peace,
for I have made peace
with what does not give peace,
and I am afraid.

Drive me deep, now,
to face myself so I may see
that what I truly need to fear is
my capacity to deceive
and willingness to be deceived,
my loving of things,
and using of people,
my struggle for power
and shrinking of soul,
my addiction to comfort
and sedation of conscience,
my readiness to criticize
and reluctance to create,
my clamor for privilege
and silence and injustice,
my seeking for security
and forsaking the kingdom.

Lord, grant me your peace.
Instill in me such fear of you
as will begin to make me wise,
and such quiet courage
as will enable me to begin to make
hope visible,
forgiving delightful,
loving contagious,
faith liberating,
peace-making joyful
and myself open and present
to other people
and your kingdom.

[Ted Loder: Guerillas of Grace]

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