From “El Contrato” to “Teo in Toronto”

El Contrato” turned 10 years old last year. We commemorated its anniversary by bringing Teodoro Bello Martinez to Toronto to have a public event to discuss changes that migrant workers have experienced in rural Ontario since its release.

After a decade, “El Contrato” continues to be widely used to raise awareness about realities that are kept from mainstream consciousness. Once in a while stories in the news media will surface but often forgotten about the next day. “El Contrato” gives viewers more of an insight into the daily textures of life of non-citizen workers who cultivate the food we consume.

I use this film in my courses, including for a course on migration online through UBC. Students from all ages and professions are quite moved and shocked.

Enter in “Teo in Toronto”…

This short TVO film was made when Teo was in Toronto with us last summer. It brings together two worlds that are often kept apart– the rural and the urban, disenfranchised youth and non-citizen “foreign” workers who are seen to be the culprits of taking youth and other Canadian jobs. Teodoro is surprised to see and hear of the poverty of the so called First World in the same way that viewers of “El Contrato” are shocked to witness his exclusion in Canada.

Watch the 4 minute moving film here:
Food security, self-determination, community organizing and empowerment are prominent themes that emerge.

If you would like to get a hold of Teodoro please contact me…

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