Negative thoughts are like sending yourself nasty text messages


When we sleep our souls find one another.
We drift to several dimensions.
We process the subconscious.
We are given messages and teachings.
We are healed by the night’s embrace.

One morning this week I woke up with the firm knowing that negative thoughts are the equivalent of sending yourself nasty text messages all day long that clog up your phone (mind). Now who would want to expend all of that energy? Why would we want to clog up our minds with nastiness? It is simply abuse. But that is precisely what many of us do. We are unloving to ourselves, think negatively and thus not only contaminating ourselves but also the airwaves, as in the energetic field that we are a part of.

I have read and heard so many teachings on the subject but it has never been as clear as it was that morning. I do not know what happened in my sleep that night but I finally GOT IT!

No matter how much I think of moments that I am attached to from the past, it will never bring them back. Thinking of the pain and unpleasantness of the past only gives them power in the present. I continue to relive them. It is like being in a competition all by yourself waiting for the universe to give you a prize for the endless negative thinking and feeling. It does not work this way. We only multiple what we think about and focus on. We know and have been indeed told that “our thoughts create our reality” but they also structure our feelings and effect our bodies. So snap out of it!!!!

Feel what you need to feel and in that place ask for the fortitude to forgive yourself and others. Be grateful for the lessons and the memories. Put your hand in your heart and affirm positive thoughts and feelings. Awaken your power of choice. Choose beautiful and loving thoughts to make of your life a beautiful one. The rest will all take care of itself. It is only in this space that the universe will reward you with gifts it is longing to give you, that are completely beyond your wildest dreams.

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