Hibernation 2015

T’is the season to go within again.
Winter-a season I used to dread because it meant an imposed solitude that turned into loneliness. I escaped several years to Chile and then to Mexico wanting to avoid the cave of solitude and inner reflection. This year I did return to Mexico but quickly came back to Canada to spend Christmas with my family; some of whom crossed the ocean from Switzerland to spend it with the rest of us for the very first time. There was no way I could be absent. I was forbidden by my grandmother in particular who ensured I remembered that she is 86 years young now and that I have to take advantage of all the special moments that I have with her.

Christmas has gone and past. It was loud like usual with all of us having multiple conversations in Spanglish across the room. I was a little starved as the only vegetarian in the family and will be sure to bring my own veggie/vegan proteins for the next family gathering and now I look forward to HIBERNATION.

In this stage of my life, I welcome this time, to go within because I like and love my own company more than ever before. And to ensure I am doing this right, I have left my usual social media spaces, where parts of my selves are often spread–facebook and Instagram. Being transnational and knowing and loving so many people across borders have made these spaces indispensable. However, I am also quite sensitive which means that these spaces take up a lot of my energy. I already have a toll-free number that connects to my personal cellphone where migrant workers and their families can reach me. I have my friends, students and multiple email addresses to take care of.

Hibernation for me is protection, detoxification and replenishment. The days are shorter, the stillness of darkness is longer and that is what I crave, stillness, to go nowhere except within to create and give to myself so I can give more to my community and this world.

What is hibernation for you? Do you need to hibernate too?

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