The Otter

I was by the river in downtown Calgary. It was my first time there.

Jonathan, in a serious tone, asked “can I ask you something weird?”

I reluctantly agreed, held my breath.  I was just not in the mood for contemplative questions particularly those of the heart.

“What is your favourite animal?”

Relief-I could answer that, I thought to myself.

“Otter” I replied in Spanish, “nutria“.

“But I have never seen one. Here, look these are pictures of otters I have on my phone.”

I just wanted to ensure he knew them since they are creatures of the North and Jonathan being new to these lands just may not have known.

We paused for a moment and I continued to take in the sights and lose myself in the current of the river. Then all of a sudden I see a cute little head of an otter pop up and swim away in the current, right in the flesh….

If this is not a sign of the Creator/Creation, the Divine then I do not know what is.

Jonathan saw it too as it peaked up again. Hence I had another witness to the magic. It was not my imagination and it was surely an otter. 

It is my first sighting of one in the flesh and out of all the things that Jonathan could have asked! 

My friend Robert calls me Otter and made a painting of one for me.

In Vancouver, I was in a spiritual bookstore and I went right to the animal spirit card decks to ask what my spirit animal is, just for fun. I grabbed the deck and one of the cards fell on the floor. I turned it around and yes, it was an Otter.

The otter is my spirit animal and surely spirit was there with me. Ever since I saw one in a film when I was learning about the Canadian wilderness and learning ESL when I was in grade 1, I was immediately hooked.

We all have a spirit animal. What is yours? Maybe it will appear just around the corner. 😉

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