Back to Chile, 2016, Vignette # 3

The good, the bad and the ugly: I wanted to rest from my phone but being without one makes it hard to coordinate. I can’t use google maps when I am lost. Everyone and their grandpa has one here even though you can get killed and robbed for one. Without a phone I can be more fully present and it forces me to speak to others and ask for directions, hence be more connected and social in the traditional way. Remember those days?

Just when I was re-thinking my no technology/cellphone policy in class and in moments of life I get (part) of this message from one of my former students through twitter. We always get the messages we need.

“I want to thank you for not allowing us to use our phones in class. I forgot what it was like to actually listen to people and experience all the beauty the world has to offer. Gracias!”

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