Back to Chile, 2016, Vignette # 5

14358714_10154410313180915_8274888083551957432_nIn the altitudes of Bella Vista I was contemplating how Valparaiso was built. The architecture defies gravity. The hills are incredibly steep. There are old palaces of houses all over that particular historic area. Then I looked into the ocean and contemplated the global, all those routes connecting Chile to the world before the Panama Canal came to be. Global merchants and sailors descended into this port for centuries, with many staying. They were the early immigrants joining the creole and colonizers. The English brought us tea time (once) which is still a daily ritual for most Chilean families. I started to get the same feeling while in the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico–the feeling of wonder and depth of the past as its own very universe, the concept of circular time. There is so much history we do not know. But I can feel the expansiveness of all and everything that happened here. The past made this present before me. And then I realized, I am just one more soul among the innumerable others who most likely looked into the ocean and into the sunset contemplating “home”.

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