Back to Chile, 2016, Vignette # 8

14199531_10154392682265915_7225881046537239491_nCompiling a list of all that I have learned on my trip to Chile. (in progress)

No 1. Don’t be overcome by fear and all that the media portrays from x or y country. Take precautions but don’t let fear paralyze. Just go and experience the country, the world, especially your own roots yourself!! I have felt safe here but it took me a few days to step out of all the warnings from family who watch Chilean news through satellite TV in Canada.
(They forgot I have lived and traveled on my own all over Central America and Mexico.)

No 2. Ask everyone when everything will be closed so you don’t starve. Everything was closed on the weekend of Chilean “independence” and I was traveling and could not bring groceries with me all over the place.

No 3. There are beautiful people everywhere, hay de todo. Encontre muchos Chilenos/as bien carinos/as.

No 4.  There is no such thing as alone time in Chile or anywhere else I have been in Latin America. I realize that I am Western and solitary that way, or is it the nature of our academic work?

No 5. I can’t speak Chilean Spanish without an accent, darn!!
No 6. Heed those soul longings and callings or else you evade your truth and the medicines awaiting you. I have been longing to return to Chile for 12 years and had to get over this guilt leaving my community work behind. There is never a good time, just go and listen to that calling within. There is something there that you need to do and experience.

No 7. Always cultivate the warmth of the South within and don’t turn into a cold robot! Automatically, when meeting someone I was extending my hand for a handshake. Then they plunged right in for a kiss. I forgot this was the custom in Chile.

No 8.  I am so Western but also from marginal/transnational worlds.

No 9. I have hipster tastes, kill me. I like almond and coconut milk and vegan protein powder. Many times people looked at me like I was insane asking if any of these were in stock at the supermarket …

No 10. Don’t rely on anyone’s words and promises, make your own plans and count on yourself first and just go!
No 11. Medicines, pieces of life and soul come in all forms like in beautiful handmade boxes

No 12. Unplug and disconnect from virtual reality to be more present to your own breath of life and life itself

And more but have to stop to get more work done …

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